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Hainan Guest House

Hainan Guest House No.1 Building is located in Guoxing Avenue, adjacent to the new provincial government building, West New HNA building.Hainan Guest House No.1 Building Luxury Cruise like building body shape and filling the noble enjoyment, bearing out of the ordinary "characteristics, and ad hoc VIP reception service facilities is in business, the meeting as one of the reception hotels, the geographical position is extending in all directions, go to the airport and the surrounding shopping malls, very convenient, is the business activities and meetings organized by the ideal of. Hainan Guest House No.1 Building has deluxe business room, deluxe room, executive suite, VIP suites, Ambassador Suites various rooms for guests to choose, whole room in pastel colors, human layout design. In order to meet the needs of people from all walks of life to business activities, the Hainan Guest House also has a left bank restaurant, yipinxuan restaurant and four equipped with first-class conference facilities of the banquet hall; in indoor and outdoor swimming pool and fitness center is love fitness and sports people love most, for the guests in the busy business, provide perfect relaxing experience.